Being the complete selection of health supplements specially developed for young children and preteens, PEDIAKID offers an innovative product formulation that provides the best source of natural vitamins and nourishing nutrients with physiological benefits to help, naturally and effectively, children with common health disorders.

Interview with Dr. TERME

Laboratories Ineldea asked Dr. L. Terme about the benefits of PEDIAKID natural vitamin supplements for children and the advantages of the PEDIAKID line.

Laboratories Ineldea: Doctor, what do you think about the use of natural vitamin supplements in children to fight off the small disorders such as lack of appetite, sleep disturbance or even recurring colds…?

They may be “small disorders,” but they should not be neglected. Not only are they the source of worry and concern for the parents but they may also be a symptom of more serious health problems. The use of natural products presents a double advantage, particularly important for children: First, there are no side effects, and, second, their action is gentle. This can give a little boost to help their system regaining its equilibrium, without interfering with their young metabolism and without masking the real cause of symptoms.

What does PEDIAKID offer in the product selection to meet the needs of children and pre-adolescents?

PEDIAKID products may be given to the young children, for whom very few other solutions exist, because the formulations are all natural with vitamins and mineral supplements, based on natural fruits, vegetables and plants extracts with ingredients that come from organic agriculture, with no alcohol, refined sugar or additives that could be associated with certain illnesses...

PEDIAKID line can therefore provide a natural and gentle solution, to promptly and efficiently help with the temporary physiological disorders.

Which physiological disorders do you most frequently treat with the PEDIAKID products and why?

I mainly prescribe PEDIAKID Sleeplessness and PEDIAKID Anxiety-Hyperactivity because disorders of this nature are increasingly common among children, and because the current therapeutic arsenal does not otherwise contain products that provide an effective and immediate response. These two products provide excellent results in a natural and healthy way. Another reference is PEDIAKID Immune System that is particularly beneficial because I have been frequently consulted with by the parents, when the school year starts or when the winter months approach for advice on how to reinforce the natural defense in children, against the cold and other winter illnesses. Finally, I also advise the use of PEDIAKID Iron & Vitamin B Complex, particularly for children between 4 and 5 who generally are lacking in Iron and Vitamin B, and as a result, are presenting signs of fatigue and constant ear, nose and throat infections.

An Exclusive Laboratories Ineldea’s Innovation

Exclusively from Laboratories INELDEA, (BIO) Organic Agave Nectar, contained in all PEDIAKID product formulations, is particularly suitable for all children, since it is made of natural, unrefined sugars that do not cause tooth decay and have a very low glycemic index. All products contain active natural plant extracts that are rigorously selected to work in synergy with the other nutrients in vitamins and mineral supplements, in order to provide the most of their desired benefits and effect. All PEDIAKID syrups also contain prebiotics of natural origin to help rebalance the intestinal flora for a better assimilation of all active ingredients, as well as vitamins, minerals and other essential substances already present in the children daily nutrition.

Interview with Dr. Elisa Ly

Laboratories Ineldea: What do you think of the new Pediakid natural children products that have antioxidants from vegetable extracts, and that contain essential minerals and vitamin supplements?

Dr. Ly: These are not so new products. As a matter of fact, Pediakid products have been in Europe for over the past 10 years, and they are strongly supported by the international medical community.

As a family doctor with over 25 years of medical practice in Lyon, France, I regularly prescribe to my younger patients these nutritional supplements that have a natural and therapeutic effectiveness more than others. They are a part of my medical arsenal in treating my younger patients afflicted with common illnesses. My diagnostics do not only take into consideration the evolution of the classical symptoms, but also the long term medical benefits.

Laboratories Ineldea: Can you talk about your office experience with the younger patients?

Dr. Ly: Parents frequently bring into my office, children exhibiting with both tired and agitated conditions. We should not forget the today society that we all live in: Our children are distracted by the media, internet and video games. They lose focus in school, and at home, indirectly inherit the daily stress of their parents. However, younger children and pre-adolescents with Anxiety and Hyperactivity conditions are often in an emotional imbalance with bad temper and mood swings that most parents confused as children fatigue because of lack of sleep and wake-ups at night. Thanks to Pediakid Anxiety-Hyperactivity, my younger patients have reduced their restlessness and agitation, and have been able to regain their concentration in order to better focus in school academics and truly enjoy their daily activities.

Laboratories Ineldea: What is your experience with Pediakid Immune System for children?

Dr. Ly: In my daily consultation, I see a population of vulnerable children in terms of illnesses either with sinusitis, sore throat, nose congestion, and ear infection due to viral infection or changing weather condition. As a preventive measure, I regularly prescribe them with Pediakid Immune System, 3 months before the period of the cold winter, or I put them systematically on a treatment of 3 months, for 2 to 3 times in the year to reinforce their young immune system.

Thanks to this product, rich in natural anti-oxidants with a high concentration of vitamin and essential minerals: Vitamin C, manganese, copper and propolis… that help to build up their natural defense mechanism, the number of doctor office visits for those children were very much reduced. As a result, this product will not only improve their overall well being, but also promote a balanced development, and helps them with a better performance in school and a greater participation in sports activities.

Laboratories Ineldea: What is your recommendation for the parents with younger children?

Dr. Ly: After the age of 2 years old, most children eat much like the rest of the family, food in excess and unbalanced nutrition not adapted to the metabolism of infants and toddlers. I advise to parents Pediakid 22 Vitamins as a daily dietary supplement to provide the essential vitamins and minerals necessary to foster a balanced growth and a healthy development for children at a tender age.

I also recommend Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement for the young children and preteens to provide the Omega 3 fatty acid that supports a healthy brain development and to promote the intelligence, memory, concentration and vision that are essential for their school activity.

Pediakid Consumer Testimonial

“It really helped gain weight” Pediakid Appetite - Calories
From: Grace, Georgia

My daughter, Ava, is 2 years old (almost3) and has weighed around 24 pounds, since she was about 18 months old. She is a very picky eater, and just would not gain weight, although my husband and I tried all we could think of to help her gain (ie: snacks between meals, Pediasure, even junk foods).

Two months ago her pediatrician recommended that I try Pediakid Appetite-Calories to see if it would help her to gain weight. I was so amazed when the first day Ava starting eating more. Within 2 weeks I cut down giving her the Pediakid Appetite-Calories to every other day because she was eating me out of house and home!

After one month of being on Pediakid Appetite-Calories, Ava has gained 5 pounds! Her weight is now on target for her age and height. Pediakid Appetite-Calories really helped her to gain the weight she needed to gain. I recommended Pediakid to every parent.

“Work in Progress” Pediakid Anxiety-HyperActivity
From: Paula Pauline, TN

My son started this product about a week ago. I can see he is a little calmer but I know it will take longer to really get the full effect. However, I have seen him calmer and not having a melt down in the morning. Thank you and God bless....

“Kids like it. Looks like working for us” Pediakid Immune System
From: Karen, Florida

My 2 kids had repeated strep throat infection this year... They took a lot of antibiotics for it. After the 4th infection i started giving them this syrup... Since then, they are healthy (but I stopped them for a while from daycare as well). We are using our 3th bottle, and I am planning to order 4 more. Afterwards; I’ll order some syrup for appetite from the same brand. My children are very picky, but, they like the berry flavor :).

“Work on the first night” Pediakid Sleeplessness
From: M Stewart, Illinois

My son is ADHD and his medication can affect his sleep, keeps him up all hours of the night, anyways, I hate to have to rely on anything for sleep, especially for a child but everything in this is Natural and really, really works.. I love it and my son don't mind the taste either.