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Pediakid is a source of vitamin supplements and essential minerals, formulated with vegetable extracts and fiber nutrients, to support a healthy growth and balanced development in children.

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Appetite – Weight Gain


Stimulates Appetite & Improves Weight Gain for Underweight Children

  • All New Formula w/Added Vitamin C & B12
  • Promotes a Healthy Appetite & Weight Gain
  • Helps Reduce Fatigue & Boosts Energy
  • Rich in Natural Fibers & Organic Minerals
  • New Allergy-Free Formula. No Gluten, No Soy & No Peanuts

Satiety-Weight Control


A Weight Control for Children & Teenagers

  • Appetite Regulator
  • Reduces Hungry Feelings
  • Reduces Snack & Food Intake
  • Rich in Fibers & Peptide Proteins
  • A Dietary Supplement



Helps Reduce Children Anxiety, Hyper-Activity, Restlessness, & Mood Swings

  • All New & Improved Formula
  • Helps Improve Anxiety, Stress & Irritability
  • Stimulates Concentration & Focus
  • Promotes Emotional & Behavioral Balance
  • New Allergy-Free Formula. No Gluten,No Soy & No Peanuts

Iron + Vitamin B Complex


Helps Reduce Stress, Fatigue & Iron Deficiency. Improves Energy, Vitality & Immune System

  • All New & Improved Formula
  • Helps Improve Iron Deficiency & Frail Conditions
  • Vitamin B Complex Relieves Stress & Constant Fatigue
  • Supplements Poor Nutrition & Diet with Vegetable Proteins
  • New Allergy-Free Formula. No Gluten, No Soy & No Peanuts

An innovative formula to strengthen the body’s natural defenses

Support Immune System



natural defenses in young children and preteens


physiological resistance


children’s body to fight against common illnesses


physical and intellectual vitality on a daily basis